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Newest Escorts in Mumbai

They say “old is gold” but sometimes this is not the same for everyone. Many people tend to appreciate the new things in the market. We have so many clothes, shoes, and different luxuries but we always find ourselves going for more new ones every now and then. This is not because what we have is not enough but it is simply because we have gotten bored with it and we want something new to replenish us. This is normal and it is also healthy. Desiring to progress from one level to the next means you are hardworking and are therefore ready to pay the price that comes with this deep demand within you. It also makes you remain in relevant and in fashion. Life keeps on changing and it will be wise to keep changing with it.

In the same way, when it comes to the independent Mumbai escort industry, We keep on hiring newest escorts into the industry every now and then. This is not because the veterans have become too old for the job but simply because it is important to grow, expand and bring more fresh ideas into the industry. There are people who love to date the newest escorts in the industry for various and very different reasons.

Some clients are shy and easily manipulated

First time clients usually prefer Newest Escorts in Mumbai. Because, they believe they have less experience and so they will not intimidate them. Although this might and is usually true most of the time. But, sometimes new Russian escort girls are more experienced than the veterans. Because of the client’s assumption that these girls are no experienced, many clients take advantage of them and try to manipulate them. Some clients even take advantage of these newest female escorts and exploit them.

Many believe new girls are hot and sexy

Many regular clients believe these premium escort girls have a strong sex drive. And, it will give you more fun than being with a long time escort. However, this might not be true at all. Brand new girls actually have less sexual strength and need a lot of patience. This is because, they are still shy and have not yet made up their mind completely. On the other hand, a new escort who is truly sure that she wants to be an escort is a perfect match for you. They are very strong and active because they want to get their footing on the ground.