Blonde Escorts

Blonde Escorts in Mumbai

Although many claim that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty, it would be very difficult for you to realize someone’s inner beauty without having an interaction with them. There must be something on the outside that first attracts you to this girl who has inner beauty. Although women are not so keen on beauty, men are. There are different things that draw men to their women. The things that some women take for granted are what men take as beauty. One of those things is the skin complexion and color of your hair.

Reasons why men prefer Blonde Escorts in Mumbai

  1. Scarcity

The reason why diamonds are so much sought after compared to other rocks is because of its scarcity. If it was easily available, it wouldn’t have any value. In the same way, blonde women are popular and famous because of their scarcity. Blonde hair has a direct link to sexuality for a long time. The reason might be because hair tends to darken as they get old. And they are very sexy in their youths from an evolutionary point of view.

Some independent Mumbai escorts even use dyes to dye their hair blonde. Society has proved that there is great demand for these caricatures as it was in the ancient times. It is a trait that is both connected with high status and relatively rare. Many male clients believe that blonde women are fun to be with and this has led to the great demand for Blonde Escorts in Mumbai.

  1. Sexy eyes

Many blonde-haired girls have sexy blue eyes. Although there is no single gene for blonde hair and blue eyes, many blonde & red-haired escort girls tend to have blue eyes. This is however been confirmed that the genes for blonde hair and blue eyes are located near each other on the same chromosome. Many men are in love with blue eyes and take them as a sign of beauty. Blue eyes are sexy and so many men take pride in having a blue eyed girl by their side.

  1. Sex drive

Some men interpret blonde hair in women as an honest signal of early life. Therefore they believe blonde hair girls have a strong sexual drive and reproductive fitness. This single belief has led to many female Bandra escorts dying their hair blonde just to increase their popularity and demand.