Black Escorts

Black Escorts

An escort of the African culture is not so acceptable yet. Female escorts have tried fighting for their way in society but the stigma is too high that they opt for remaining silent and working under discreet conditions. Others have opted to travel to other developed countries where they are embraced and respected just as they are. Few of them start working as independent black escorts. For a long time, we consider the blonde complexion to define beauty. Black girls born among whites were discriminated against and stigmatized. Nobody wants to be there close even their own families. However, things have really changed now. As the phrase goes “black is beauty” black girls have been held with such high esteem that has made others jealous of them.

Why people go for Black Escorts?

There are several unique characters present in black women that have made whites try to emulate them or even go for skin tanning just to be black. These include:

  1. Lips

Back in the day, people uses to make fun of big lips. But today women go to extremes to get their lips inflated for a fuller and more succulent look. Some go for collagen injections while others use CandyLipz. However, for the greatest percentage of black women, big full lips are a natural feature. This is one of the reasons why many men are requesting for specifically black escorts on their date.

  1. Darker skin

I truly pity women who spend countless hours in the sun and tanning salons just to tan their skin. What they don’t realize is that 20 years down the line, they will end up looking less than a tanner version and more like a California raisin. The few of us who have been blessed with melanin and brown complexion scoff at those who walk around looking like “Tan Moms.”

  1. Ass

This is a very sensitive subject. We are not saying that white women don’t have fat asses. But it is most evident in black women. Many women all over the universe are risking their lives and spending fortunes to get fatter asses. However, half of the time, they do not even look real. For a long time, many black women endured taunting and ridicule for their big asses. However, this has become a precious asset that every woman out there would give anything just to have one. Many men love big ass and have learned this secret. This has led to a tremendous demand for black escorts in the industry.